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A Study of the Heritage of American Motors

Toggle forum grouping visibility Lost Dealership ProjectA project to systematically catalogue the dealerships of the various makers we focus on.

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No new posts Dealership Listings by State or Country
Dealerships by Geographic Area/Address
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No new posts Information Wanted
Looking to find out anything about one of The Lost Dealerships? Post a request here
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No new posts Dealership Zone Listings
Lists of the AMC Zone distribution structure. This structure changed substantially through the years, and is unreliable for categorizing dealers by location.
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No new posts Artifacts from The Dealerships
Collectibles, promo models, keychains, matchbooks, etc. This stuff is called "Ephemera" by historians. Vaporous remains.
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No new posts Documentation, Sales Aids & Training
Manuals, Dealership Papers, Letters, Bulletins, ad templates, etc.
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No new posts Special Editions
Dealership and Regional Specal edition cars, like the P-38 Gremlin, Sundowner, Sundance, Raider, XR-401, etc.
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No new posts Dealership Talk
Stories, personal accounts, suppositions, news or magazine articles, etc.
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No new posts FARNA Systems Master Dealership Listings
These are the Dealership Master Listings compiled by Frank Swygert of FARNA Systems
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Toggle forum grouping visibility The American Motors HeritageThe meat of the matter... The True Story of one of the most important manufacturers in American history.

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No new posts Mitchell-Lewis
Discussion and information about the history of Mitchell-Lewis, wagonmaker, motorbikes, and cars
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No new posts What Goes Here
read this, please
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No new posts The Pantheon of The AMC Heritage
All Hail the Great Ones! A place to chronicle the lives and achievements of the Founders, Designers, Engineers, and Marketers who built The AMC Heritage, and to remember leaders in the hobby who are no longer with us...
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No new posts Boardrooms of The AMC Heritage
Discussion and information, hopefully a few photos, of the various offices of these companies, and their officers in their native habitats...
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No new posts Factories of The AMC Heritage
The Cradle of our AMC Civilization
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No new posts Marketing, Advertising, and Promotions
For cool or informative Ads, Trinkets for the Employees or Shareholders, and Promotional items, like toys, models, jewelry, lighters, Patches, etc.
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No new posts Nash Motor Company
Discussion and information about Nash Motor Company and Nash-Kelvinator history, through 1954
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No new posts Hudson Motor Car Company
Discussion and information concerning the history of Hudson Motor Car Company through 1954
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No new posts Kaiser-Frazer
Discussion and information concerning the history of Kaiser and Frazer automobiles, and also about Kaiser Industries
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No new posts Jeep
Discussion and information concerning the history of Jeep Corporation up to the Chrysler buyout, and its time under Willys/Kaiser as well. This board may cross over some with the Willys and Kaiser boards...
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No new posts American Motors Corporation 1954-1969
Discussion and information concerning the history of American Motors Corporation, prior to the purchase of Willys and Jeep in 1970
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No new posts American Motors Corporation 1970-1987
Discussion and information about the history of American Motors Corporation, from the Jeep takeover, through Chrysler's acquisition of AMC
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No new posts AMC Renault
Discussion and information about the Renault models sold by AMC
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No new posts AMC/Rambler history in Canada
Rambler Canada, AMC in Canada, Nash, Hudson, including equipment, trucks, and one-offs or government specials
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No new posts Mexico, Central & South America
Vehiculos Automotores de Mexico(VAM), Willys Mexicana, Industria Kaiser Argentina(IKA), Rambler South America, AMC Brands such as Mitchell, Nash, Hudson, etc.
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No new posts AMC Overseas
This board is for the discussion and information about vehicles produced by these companies outside the United States, for example, IKA, AMC Canada, and the operations in Mexico, Australia, Germany, France, GB, and Iran
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No new posts Satellite Companies and Spinoffs
Discussion and information about subsidiaries, and companies such as Winther and Jordan, that came from out of AMC history. AM General after the sale would count here too.
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No new posts Outside Jobs
For information about products that AMC supplied to other corporations, such as powertrains, gearing, forgings/castings, electrical, plastics, refrigeration, etc.
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No new posts Engineering Excellence
Discussion and information to provide a record of the long list of engineering firsts by the companies presented here
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No new posts The AMC Racing Heritage
Discussion and information about the racing activities of all of the companies listed on this Forum
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No new posts AMC and Eagle under Chrysler, 1987-1993
Discussion and information about AMC's integration into Chrysler Corporation
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No new posts Modern AMC Heritage
History of enthusiasts' clubs and organizations, attempts to revive AMC-related names in the market, and the course of Jeep Corporation under Chysler up to now.
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Toggle forum grouping visibility Molly Blue's RoadHouseA community gathering place, to shoot the bull, read the rules, make announcements etc.

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No new posts Website comment topics
The topics in this forum are automatically created by the web site, to allow discussion of aspects of our web site such as news, blog posts, etc.  Feel free to reply, you just can't create topics.
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No new posts Rules and General Information
Please read over the Rules and Information concerning our purpose...
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No new posts Introductions
Let us know you are here, and introduce yourself
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No new posts Self Employed and Business Listing
For members who own a business or are self-employed. Be sure to list your city and state!
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No new posts Requests and Suggestions
Let us know what you'd like to see, or suggest ways to improve the Forum
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No new posts Memoribilia and Collectibles
Wanted and For Sale ads for memoribilia, collectibles, and toys related to AMC.
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No new posts Cars and Parts
Cars and Parts Wanted and For Sale
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Toggle forum grouping visibility AMC NationThe mighty Rambler name around the globe

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No new posts Bucket Brigade
Killer idea by Obscurity… Check in "Requests and Suggestions" under topic "Suggestion for Shipping" This is for offers of transportation, and want ads for the same. This isn't for cars or parts ads. When you're taking a roadie somewhere, let people know. Grab a carburetor from that guy on e-Bay and get it back to the AMC buyer in need. C'maaan… it won't hurt ya.
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No new posts The AMC Heritage Registry(of Registries)
If you operate or know of a registry list, for a make or model from the companies listed on this Forum, please add them here.
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No new posts Clubs, Groups, Forums, and Mailing Lists of The AMC Heritage
If your group is devoted to the enjoyment of one of these companies' cars, please list it here.
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No new posts Event Listings
Feel free to post any events related to American Automotive History, Historical Re-enactments, Car Shows, Rod Runs, Classic Car Auctions, etc.
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No new posts Event Reports
Have you attended a show, run or other event recently? Here's a place for pictures and stories of the Big Shows listed above…
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No new posts AMC Heritage-related Web Sites
Web Pages about any of the products or people of the companies of The AMC Heritage
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Toggle forum grouping visibility On the BlacktopRoad Stories, Route descriptions, Destinations, places to stay and eat, other advice for the road

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No new posts Ramble On
A board to post road stories. Inspired by a post from Bosqueboy, which is now the first post here... Name contest won by Obscurity
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No new posts Attractions and Destinations
Places out on the road that you "Must See". If you have a trip description or a map route, please post these in "Two-Lane Blacktop Tours" or "Dirt Tours" instead. This board is for descriptions of things like Statue of Liberty or Disneyland, as a general destination. For those who want to plan their own route.
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No new posts Recommendations
Places to stay, eat, or get repairs and supplies for the road, or places that should be avoided.
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No new posts Two-Lane Blacktop Tours
Descriptions of great tour routes along the Two Lane highways of the world.
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No new posts Dirt Tours
For all you Jeep and Eagle fans, who want to let us in on great dirt-road routes and trails.
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No new posts Old Gas Stations
Vintage and derelict gas stations of America. As soon as we have a Foreign contribution, we will give foreign stations their own area.
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Toggle forum grouping visibility Rusty Nuts GarageRestoring that junkpile to a show queen, wrenching your ride, tips and tricks, How I Did it...

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No new posts Common Tasks
For posting how-to's on commonly performed tasks, like maintenance or tune-up, and commonly performed replacements or upgrades.
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No new posts Showing and Restoring
Discussion about showing or restoring your AMC automobile
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No new posts Modification, Chassis, Fabrication & Customizing; A.K.A. Hot Rodding
Modifying your AMC Heritage car- performance, body & paint, chassis, fabrication, and customizing.
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No new posts Rambler Restification
Idea by Iowa Eagle- So you don't want a Fire-Breathing street machine, and don't care about Pebble Beach? This is for those crafters who just wanna make 'em go, and not look bad doing it…
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No new posts Parts that Cross Over
From a great idea by Smitch. Listings for known parts interchange between various makes and models, that can be used with cars from AMC History. Members only board.
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