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Down time in the next few days for site maintenance


Hey everybody, just a quick update on things….

I'm going to be re-installing the site's security certificate tonight or tomorrow, this is an annual thing and helps to protect our server from hackers and such. Once the new certificate is installed, the website will be unavailable for as much as 24 hours while the new information on the security certificate is sent around to various internet servers that relay that type of information. This is a temporary situation and is caused by certain numbers that relate to the site's web address that will change. Once again, this is to help assure that our server remains secure and prevents hacking.

I apologize for the site being down a couple of weeks ago, that was my fault because I forgot the domain name was set to expire and forgot to renew the name for a few days. I am very sorry about that, it's because I am working hard and traveling a lot on a schedule from hell, so the notifications just slipped past in a very full email inbox.

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