Thunder Road.


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Remember the old song?

Roarin’ out of Harlan, revvin’ up his mill

1) Start in Harlan, KY

2) Take KY 119 to US 25E

He shot the gap at Cumberland, and screamed by Maynardville

3) South on 25E to Middlesboro, KY

3.1) In Middlesboro, KY, cut right onto Cumberland Ave and check out the Lost Squadron Museum.
3.2) Just through the tunnel through the mountain, follow the signage over to Cumberland Gap. The National Park (which you can get to on the Middlesboro side of the tunnel) in terms of scenery is very comparable to the Great Smoky Mtns. National Park with nowhere near the traffic.
3.3) There is also an Abraham Lincoln Museum at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate further down 25E
3.4) The Old Town Station in Tazewell is a nice place to eat if you're hungry then…

4) When you get to Tazewell, TN go South on TN 33 through Maynardville to Knoxville. If it's time for dinner, Pete's Place on the right as you come South or the pizza place in the Rocky Top filling station on the Left are both good. I used to live in Maynardville.

Blazing right through Knoxville, out on Kingston Pike,
Then right outside of Bearden, there they made the fatal strike.

5) Downtown Knoxville, turn right onto Cumberland Ave (NOT a good idea on a Vols football home game Saturday). This used to be called the Dixie Lee Highway (US11/70?) and shortly becomes Kingston Pike.

6) Legend says the Country Boy that ran illegal alcohol met his end in what is now the parking lot of the Tennessee Highway Patrol HQ across from West Town Mall. You'll also be right next to I-40 to get wherever you came from.

Not entirely 2-lane, but a fun backroad drive just the same.
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Re: Thunder Road.

Here are a few pieces of scenery from the tour posted above:

1) The Harlan, Kentucky WebCam:

2) The southern end of US 119 in Pineville, Kentucky.  The northern end is near Du Bois, Pennsylvania, at a junction with US 219.  119 is one of the original 1926 US Highway System routes, like US Route 66 and The Lincoln Highway.

3) The Middlesboro, Kentucky WebCam:

3.2) Cumberland Gap National Historical Park:

5) Knoxville Motor Company, world's oldest Rambler dealer:

This dealership is in The Lost Dealership Project, along with a couple from Kentucky and another one from Tennessee:

The AMC Heritage Forum - Route 66 Rambler

Also outside of Knoxville, listed under Great Gas Stations, is this Texaco Gas Station, in Powell, Tennessee(contributed by Forum Member RacerRon):

The AMC Heritage Forum - Route 66 Rambler
Looks like a great trip!  8)
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