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1903 Patent Infringement Notice by ALAM

The Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers was a group based entirely in Detroit and owned in one way or another by Colonel Albert Pope, who Thomas B. Jeffery had defeated in a blanket patent case years earlier. That suit had opened the bicycle market by invalidating Pope's purchased patent on the bicycle. Now Jeffery encouraged Henry Ford to defy the patent, and bankrolled Ford's defense. The case was found in Ford's favor in 1911 and invalidated the ALAM blanket patent, created by Henry Selden. This opened the market to anyone who wanted to make an automobile without paying a license fee to the ALAM.  Thomas B. Jeffery also refused to pay the patent fee, but was never sued. Why? Because he held the patent to the standard tire design. Sales of a car make might suffer if the car had to be sold without tires.


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