1973- Mark Donohue at Riverside in the Flying Brick


1973- Mark Donohue Wins Riverside in the Flying Brick

The Winston Western 500
Sunday, January 21, 1973
Race 1 of the 1973 NASCAR Winston Cup

Mark Donohue brings home the bacon for AMC, winning the first race of the 1973 season at Riverside, California and lapping the field two separate times to win the event. This was the first car in NASCAR to run disc brakes. Donohue was a "gas and brake" driver and was able to take advantage of the superior disc braking on his machine, but after leading the pack for much of the race needed to pit for a change of brake pads. The field passed him by during a pit stop that took several minutes. Incredibly, on his return to the track, Donohue lapped the entire field again for the win. This was a 360-cid car running against cars with 428s, 427s and 426 Hemis, as well as Chevy small-blocks and Ford 351 Cleveland engines.
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