Dick Allen Rambler- Inglewood, California


Dick Allen Rambler- Inglewood, California

A great contribution courtesy of member Menace SS/AMX at TheAMCForum.com.

830 So. LaBrea in Inglewood CA.

Dennis(The Menace) writes:

This photo is of the front lot of my fathers dealership in Inglewood California. We had several AMC race cars there for various reasons. We had cleared the front lot to take the shot. The cars from left to right are as follows: 1) The car on the car hauler is Charlie Brown driven by Corke Booza (spelling). I think it ran Super Stock class. (He was in town for a big race). 2) The AMX on the trailer is one of the Breedlove AMX's. I don't know if this is the one that I now own. (We had pulled it out of a flooded Breedlove shop and brought it to the dealership to clean the mud out of it). 3) The next car is the later R,W,B Grant Rebel funny car. (In town for a big race). 4) The black Javelin was called The Pointed Stick. It belonged to Bill Hohman, who worked for my dad and who's father also owned an AMC dealership (Hohman and Craft). My dad sponsered The Pointed Stick. As you can see, no engine. (We were building a new engine for the car). 5) The RWB Javelin is one of the Speed Spectacular Javelins. (Also pulled out of a flooded Breedlove shop). 6) The 67 Rouge on the far right is the first car we started racing. The car was called The Menace.

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