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1966- Secret Weapon Jeep Funny Car

For a short time before the official establishment of a Funny Car fuel class, these Jeep-bodied funny cars were being run in the NHRA's heads-up classes. The amazing potential of these cars led to their banishment by the sanctioning bodies.

From Drag Race Memories:

The Jeep funny cars all were one of a kind. Roger Wolford's "Secret Weapon" Jeep was hit or miss when it came to performance. It either beat all the other racers, broke, or had handling problems. Wolford's fortunes varied with the stretched Jeep, but there was never a dull moment with this car. Roger drove the car to a known best of 8.03 with a 392 Chrysler Hemi/Torqueflite combination. Rules eventually outlawed the Jeeps from sanctioned drag racing meets, but they could be seen at open races and match races until the turn of the decade. Wolford went on to fight the "Corvette Curse" with the "Mako Shark." (Photo courtesy of Bob Plumer and Drag Race Memories)

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