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1970s: Nutcracker Javelin


The "Nutcracker" Javelin was one of the rare AMC Javelin funny cars, joining Bob Pickett's "Mr. Pickett," Gary Crane's "Travelin' Javelin," the " Genuine Suspension AMX-1," Doug Thorley's "Javelin 1," and a few others. The "Nutcracker" was raced by former fuel altered ace Gary Read. A Chrysler 392 powered the "Nutcracker." The car is better remembered for its hellacious burnouts then for its elapsed times. Read later traded the funny car seat to drive the "Genuine Suspensions" and "Dago Red" Top Fuelers. Gary currently drives the Haight and Sullivan AA/Fuel Altered. (Photo courtesy of Drag Race Memories; info from Bob Duke, Dennis Doubleday, and DRL files)

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