Ward-Evans Hudson- Beckley, West Virginia


Ward-Evans Hudson- Beckley, West Virginia

Posted by Member eagleSX4 in The Lost Dealership Project:

"This was WardEvans Hudson until the mid to late 50's.  Located on Valley Drive (now Robert C Byrd drive) in Beckley, WV.  The original building goes to the end of the yellow brick.  Service was in the lower part and the lot on the upper side has the door to the show room along with more area on the back side for cars and parking.  I talked to Mr Ward who is now retired but delivers parts for a auto parts store part time.  They remained open after Hudson disappeared for a couple of years.  Ward opened Beckley Wrecking and had the best machine shop in town.  He stored the parts from the dealership up stairs.  He told me about a traveler in the 70's breaking down in his Hudson and needed a radiator.  He went up stairs retrieved a radiator and repaired the car.  The man was impressed and asked if he had another one.  The answer was I have 9 more and the customer purchased them all.  They also sold Willys.  Evans went on the open a salvage yard and just in the last 4 or 5 years moved it out here close to were I live.  We plan to set down and talk and see what else I can find out.  When I moved here in 63 the store was a Picway Shoe store, becoming a RAC about 2 years ago."

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