It's Been a Long Time now…

Well, for a myriad of reasons, whether it be because I'm broke, extremely busy, very sick, and any number of other reasons, I haven't done much work on getting the older versions of this site catalogued into the newest version of the software for looong time.  Like most of a year now.  Sorry about that to all the regular visitors and those who find this place from the search engines or recommendations from their friends.  In the past this site has been all about quality and completeness of information.

Things have changed, however, and I am now back at work getting things taken care of to bring the quality back where it has been for nearly a decade.  I have been hard at work the last few days on getting the RustBucket organized, adding to the Open Library Project, the Rambler TimeLine, the Lost Dealership Project, and bringing The AMC Heritage Forum up to date by updating broken links and restoring pictures to old postings there.

I am also in the process of developing a 3D driving game for the computer featuring our favorite cars.  More information about that project is on The AMC Heritage Forum, in Molly Blue's Roadhouse.  I will also be updating progress on that project here in the news on the front page of the site.  If you'd like to have a look at an early version of what is to come, check the "AMCruisin" link at the top of the site.

Many heartfelt thanks to those of you that have continued to stick with me through this time, you have not been forgotten.  The same determination is still there to provide you with the utmost in rare and unusual types of information that just isn't found anywhere else concerning the long, proud history of our favorite automotive marque.

Keep coming around, keep exploring the site, and you will be pleasantly surprised on each return trip as the connections tighten up and the available information increases.

Keep Ramblin' on, and I'll be doing the same.

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