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The AMC Heritage Forum has now been fully integrated into the Route 66 Rambler main site. So there is no longer a main site, and a forum, there is just one web site that has everything from both previous sites. This makes the information present in the forum available to the search engine and the cataloguing features of the main site. Previously, we had integrated the RustBucket Gallery, then later the TimeLine and Library were absorbed and integrated, as well. The Route 66 Rambler Report blog followed those components into the main system. All that was left was to combine the forum into the rest of it, and the ultimate Rambler Tome begins to take shape.

This latest integration of The AMC Heritage Forum into the framework represents six years of work on this problem, trying to figure out how to find out the information needed by Rambler enthusiasts, historians and restoration professionals, catalogue it into an organizational framework, then make it interesting and immersive to serve the needs of those who just like Ramblers, which is most of the traffic that comes by. I have a pretty good staff here, and Ohio AMX and IowaEagle do a good job just keeping things on track from day to day. That's why I'm able to spend so much effort on the actual design of the site, and I have to say thanks to those guys.

In other news, Route 66 Rambler has recently been designated as a COOL SITE by the folks at the Internet Open Directory. We have now been authorized to present the award here on the site, and we will do so proudly.

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