Harland Sharp's paired shaft rockers on Edelbrock AMC heads

An exciting new mod for the Harland Sharp paired shaft rockers...

The AMC Heritage Forum is taking Christmas off...

we'll be experiencing some down time here on Route 66 Rambler. The whole thing shouldn't take more than a day, maybe two days.

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The Latest:

The AMC Heritage Forum has now been fully integrated into the Route 66 Rambler main site. So there is no longer a main site, and a forum, there is just one web site that has everything from both previous sites.

We're up and crawling…

This is a test-
The forum is the biggest thing, that's where we generate a lot of this site's content, and where it gets discussed and spread around, so it's really the engine of the site. If this software treats the forum well, and lets me combine it with the main site in a good way, we'll be sticking with it.