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Articles and Extracts Magazine, book and newspaper stories, or extracts from them, about The AMC Heritage


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Lost Dealerships of Ohio **AMC Heritage Dealerships in the Buckeye State**


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Harry Plummer Motor Sales A Hudson Dealer located in Swanton at least in 1949, as evidenced by this blotter seen on eBay, contributed by AMC Heritage Forum Member Ohio AMX. At present, these two pictures of a 1949 Hudson promo blotter are the only information we have on this dealership.


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 **Lost Dealership Project** A project to catalog all the dealerships of The AMC Heritage. **Route 66 Rambler Project Page:**  


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The Rules for Route 66 Rambler and The AMC Heritage Forum


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Route 66 Rambler is a Study of the Heritage of American Motors Corporation


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Swanton, Ohio **AMC Heritage Dealerships in Swanton, Ohio**


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