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Grand National Matador **1972- Penske Racing enters NASCAR with AMC Matador** A magazine article describing Penske and AMC teaming up to go after Grand National NASCAR racing. **Discussion Topic on The AMC Heritage Forum:**   **** **->**


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AMC Invades Germany From **Hemmings Muscle Machines**, February 2005. In 1979, Team Highball fielded two AMXs sponsored by BF Goodrich at Nurburgring in the Radial Challenge Series, and finished First & Second. AMC was still dangerous…   ** http://r…


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Lost Dealerships of Ohio **AMC Heritage Dealerships in the Buckeye State**


Page: lostdealership

 **Lost Dealership Project** A project to catalog all the dealerships of The AMC Heritage. **Route 66 Rambler Project Page:**  


Page: partspage

Route 66 Rambler Parts Department


Page: patents

Designs, Drawings and Patents **Designs, drawings, patents, concept explorations etc. 1882 Bicycle Patent by Thomas B. Jeffery:**


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The Rules for Route 66 Rambler and The AMC Heritage Forum


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Route 66 Rambler is a Study of the Heritage of American Motors Corporation


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Swanton, Ohio **AMC Heritage Dealerships in Swanton, Ohio**


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