Rambler TimeLine

Rambler TimeLine at Route 66 Rambler

Rambler TimeLine

at Route 66 Rambler
It had to start somewhere

So we'll start at the beginning.
Welcome to the TimeLine at Route 66 Rambler.

The TimeLine database takes the place of the artifact collection which would be in a physical museum.

This is only one of the tools through which we conduct our study of The AMC heritage.

Another tool is the Open Library Project. By combining the two in various ways, we can extract other information, such as a Family Tree, gain some insight as to the order in which events occurred, observe the impact of events around the country(and the world), and extract technical information for use in period restoration.

This TimeLine is where you would go for a general overview of the corporate history through the ages.

The Rambler TimeLine consists of several different components:

The TimeLine Chronicles:

The Chronicles is the section where we tell the story of AMC in a narrative fashion, going through the events and important milestones and exploring their relationships.  This is an interpretive history and will have some speculation, editorial commentary and opinion involved in the telling.  In short, this is The AMC Heritage as seen by Route 66 Rambler
Obviously, this telling of events and history will be somewhat subjective and seen through the viewpoint of the scholarship conducted here.

The Timeline Chrondex:

The word "Chrondex" is a shorthand way of saying, "Chronological Index".
This is a more hardcore year by year, chronological accounting of The AMC Heritage, where the history of the company is spelled out on a year-by-year basis. Part of that will be covered in the "Rambler By The Month" feature, where notable happenings throughout AMC's long and proud history are accounted for by placing them in the month of their happening, and linking from those monthly pages to any other information here on the site that can be placed into a particular month.

Factories of The AMC Heritage:

The Factories of The AMC Heritage are some of the most important in automotive history.  The Willys Toledo plant, the Kenosha Works of Rambler/Nash/AMC, The Kelvinator offices, Hudson's massive Detroit installation, Kasier's Wilow Run Bomber plant factory(a Ford property), and several other famous works are part of this story.

These factories were among the engines of prosperity for the United States in the first half of the 20th Century, and in the case of AMC's Jeep designs, among several others, also continued into the 21st Century to influence the market and remain competitive.

Make, Model, Year:
This will be an area to get to know the car models themselves, discussing specs and identifying coachwork, year to year changes, and information of that nature.  This will be done in a "Family Tree" structure, where earlier companies that were absorbed or merged to produce the later companies will be covered on "child pages" of the later companies that carried on the names of the older, finally culminating in the AMC/Jeep corporation of the 1970s and 1980s.
This information is only about the actual vehicles produced by these companies. For year by year index of corporate events of note, some products from each year, and a look at the big picture, see the Chrondex.

The Pantheon:

The Pantheon will be where the biographies and legends of the many titanic personalities involved in this history will be explored.  These people are some of the most important and influential individuals of their times.

All of this will be changing quite frequently, and being added to often, for quite a while.

Enjoy, and pay respect to, the rich heritage offered by American Motors.


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