A number of mug shots for AMC from 1954-1983

By Route 66 Rambler | January 6, 2007 – 2:39 am – Posted in MMY, Molly Blue, Nashin’

Public pressure has finally persuaded me to begin work on the Make, Model, Year page. Laughing Out Loud wrong.  At this stage, I have added a number of mug shots for AMC from 1954-1983, and a number of special editions, prototypes, and Jeeps.  For the sake of speed, at the moment these pictures are of low quality, but will eventually evolve into  web pages for the models, starting with the Gremlin.

On the first of Jan, we set off on the Molly Blue Two-Lane New Year Tour, which took us to Prescott, AZ again.  Here’s a little sneak peek at what we saw. More will be posted to the Route 66 Rambler Report shortly…

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