Molly Blue recently completed a tour…

By Route 66 Rambler | October 7, 2006 – 2:03 am – Posted in Molly Blue, Nashin’ Molly Blue recently completed a tour counting out at over 650 miles in 3 days. Total altitude change was over 20,000 feet. She ran like a champ and never even got hot. Recently acquired by Route 66 Rambler was […]

Route 66 Rambler’s Open Library Project

By Route 66 Rambler | September 19, 2006 – 1:00 am – Posted in News, Open Library Project   The Route 66 Rambler “Open Library Project” is now underway.   At this point, over 30 brochures, more than20 advertisements, and a few magazine articles are available for your perusal. Route 66 Rambler Open Library Project => This entry was posted on Tuesday, […]

Route 66 Rambler is now online.

By Route 66 Rambler | September 14, 2006 – 6:40 pm – Posted in News, Uncategorized Lots of work to be done yet… It took me almost a month from the time I registered my domain, to choose a design, build it, and get it to display.  Now I still need to fill it up with pictures […]

Junkyard Scout 07-29-06

Junkyard Scout 07-29-06By Route 66 Rambler | July 29, 2006 – 10:13 pm – Posted in Nashin’, News, Parts Scout Just got back from a scout at four junkyards in Phoenix. Got spy pictures of half a dozen endangered Eagles held hostage in Arizona boneyard.  They have been scheduled for termination. Here are a few highlights of my day, […]