Schamberger Motors- Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Schamberger Motors- Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Originally a Nash dealership which changed over to Rambler. The dealership pictured in these old photos were from their Nash days. The dealership was on 3rd Avenue SE and their used car lot was on 1st Ave E. This building is now a floor covering store. Mr. Schamberger sold the business to Bruce McGrath in the late '70's and the dealership was moved to a former VW dealership (on Center Point Road and 42nd Street NE) when VW sales tanked in the area. That dealership is still standing and I believe now for a GM product. Mr. Schamberger was an avid collector of antique cars. Including a very early Jeffrey Rambler, two Tuckers, several Stanley Steamers, othe Nash/AMC products and other makes of cars. His son established a Classic Car dealership (after the elder Mr. Schamberger sold his AMC franchise) that is still a thriving business.

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