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Douglas Rambler Motors- Louisville, Kentucky

A picture sent to me by Eddie Stakes, of Planet Houston AMX

Location identified by Member amxed on December 19, 2007, who writes,

I sent this picture to Eddie at planet Houston several years ago it is a post card of/from Douglas Rambler, Louisville, Ky.
It was located on Bardstown Road.

I found the post card, I sent to Eddie, this is what it said on the back:

"Douglas Rambler Motors
2411 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Ky.
42 years of honest service to Louisville. Our specialty, America's leading compact car."

I Also bought a car that came from there, that had an oil change sticker that said "Wilhelmi Douglas AMC".
Some of the AMO people from the mid '80s may remember the stories about the AMX's & AMC's on the roof of a closed down AMC building in Louisville, Ky. I know of at least 1 couple from the Georgia group stopped on their way home from the nationals to check out these cars.

When Jack Wilhelmi sold the building in '88, he tried selling these cars, that had been sitting for years, the ones he didn't sell he sent to his ex-service manager's farm. There were about 50 cars; 2 AMXs, 1 SC/Rambler, several '60s Ramblers, and a '50 Nash Rambler 2 door panel wagon that was used by the US Post Office.

I bought the '69 AMX & restored it, & later sold it. It's being sold on E-bay this week-end.

Hope this sheds more light on this post card.

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