Harland Sharp's paired shaft rockers on Edelbrock AMC heads

From Member Steve Avery, exciting news about a new mod for the Harland Sharp paired shaft rockers…

The marriage of Harland Sharp's paired shaft rockers on Edelbrock AMC heads is now possible, and this is an alternative to the race only T&D set-up ( which may only mount to Indy heads or modified iron heads and is very expensive.

The HS system is a 1000 dollars approximately.

This is really exciting news:

1) because it's available to any AMCer
2)because an AMCer made this happen through persistence
3) because it's a far lower cost ( but not low cost!) option for performance- but not necessarily race, minded AMC types.

This sounds really exciting and should be looked into and supported wherever possible. This type of a mod has the potential to change a lot of the drag race reputation for AMC cars, with a lot more guys moving up the ladders in events around the country and world wide…

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