TimeLine Chrondex

The word "Chrondex" is a shorthand way of saying, "Chronological Index".
This is a more hardcore year by year, chronological accounting of The AMC Heritage, where the history of the company is spelled out on a year-by-year basis.

Part of that will be covered in the "Rambler By The Month" feature, where notable happenings throughout AMC's long and proud history are accounted for by placing them in the month of their happening, and linking from those monthly pages to any other information here on the site that can be placed into a particular month

The Chrondex will be broken down into periods referred to as "eras", "ages", or collectively as groups of "years", to help correlate them with the Open Library Project and the TimeLine Chronicles, and then into yearly periods under those.  Rambler By The Month will be a separate feature based on a particular month, with events or products listed that occurred throughout the company history which happened in that month.

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