1834-1882: Early Years

Early Years:  1834-1882

The earliest beginnings of what would become American Motors Corporation

1834:  H. Mitchell Wagons founded by Harry Mitchell

1845:  Birth of Thomas B. Jeffery in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth, Devon Shire, England

1855:  H. Mitchell Wagons moves to Racine, Wisconsin and becomes Mitchell and Lewis Co. Ltd.

1863:  Thomas B. Jeffery emigrates from England to the United States, settling in Chicago, Illinois, where he runs into an acquaintance from England, R. Philip Gormulley

1871:  Great Chicago Fire destroys the work shop of Thomas B. Jeffery

1874:  Thomas B. Jeffery marries Kate Elizabeth Wray and begins making baby carriages

1876:  Jeffery begins manufacture of a railway velocipede

1878:  Thomas B. Jeffery experiences his first bicycle ride, while on vacation in England

1879:  Thomas B. Jeffery establishes the American Bicycle Company and begins producing the Ideal ordinary(big front wheel)

1881:  Jeffery sells American Bicycles to Colonel Albert Pope, and with R. Philip Gormulley forms a partnership, Gormully & Jeffery Manufacturing.  They begin production on the American Rambler bicycle line.

1882:  Thomas B. Jeffery receives a patent for a number of advanced technologies in bicycle manufacture, including the Clincher tire design, still in use on pneumatic tires today.

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